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I posted my Team already I just need a few question's answered in order to make a few last minute changes
my team is Infernape,Garchomp,Metagross,Latios,Swampert and Dusknoir
The sets are pretty standard and the EV's too, the team is for SS
Here are my questions:
What is the speed of a hasty/naive jolly 192ev's infernape with 15-25 Iv's I know max is 176 but I think thats 31 IV's and 252 EV's The reason I ask is I can only give 31 IV's to it and if I find out the stat I can decide if I want to put it in attack or speed if its easier can some decide fr me I think speed is more important but I need it to kill the things its faster than
Can anyone think of a better replacement for dusknoir provided its bulky and can deal at least enough damage a tank basically that doesn't add to many weaknesses and preferably is immune to something for an easy switch in :L

sorry just found out the infernape stat its hasty with 15 Ivs is 159 and 25 Ivs is 165 so that really isnt fast enough 31 IV's is only 168 so instead of the spread of 252/64/192 should I make it 252/44/212 That gives it 130 sp.atk the moveset is
[email protected] orb (Hasty,Naive)
Close combat
Stone edge/mach punch

212 EV'S gives it 170 speed but is 130 sp.atk enough for overheat to OHKO most steels namely bronzong and bulky grass types Venasaur/exeggutor? because anything that fire is neutral on I think close combat will do more damage provided its also neutral?

so should I bump the speed EV's to 212 or is 168 fast enough and I'm worrying over nothing?