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    BURST Rogue of the Shadows

    Dusk looked at the two boys with a rather agitated expression, though fortunately he didn't even have to answer them, because they were too busy arguing with each other. His relief faded when a third character, this time some girl, began asking questions.

    "Hey, are you a pokémon? Or a human? And what was that bird thing just now?"

    Dusk withheld a groan. "No, yes, and hell if I know." He held the gem in his right hand, looking at it while speaking, instead of her. "I think he was after my Heart..." Dusk clenched the gem tightly in his palm. A Poochyena could be seen inside, travelling through a snow-covered taiga. He turned to the bickering boys. "He's right," Dusk spoke blandly, "This gem is what allows fusion." White stands of hair hung over his face, escaping his hood. His gray eyes turned to the girl. "Now if you don't mind, I've got things to do..." He turned to walk away, and after only a few steps, his stomach groaned in complaint.

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