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    Originally Posted by Ralaia View Post
    Apparently mibbit will not work for me to access #PokemonClubs any help please? It just stays at the loading page forever. (and no, i'm not banned there either)
    Oh are you using FireFox? That's what it does for me too, for quite some time now, Google Chrome is where I reside now as my default browser (As it works there, but I don't even use it anymore lol). But I would give Chatzilla a try if you want to remain with FireFox (can still use it if you change to Chrome & whatnot). Given that when you mentioned in chat that your only link to go to #PokemonClubs was through #thepokecommunity, you can actually set them both at "Open this Channel at Startup" everytime you come online rather than using the /join command, everytime.