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    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    This just leaves one question left: What will be done about the Johto starters? They're now the only Pokémon I have no idea what to do with. Polls wouldn't suffice with this as it requires more defined responses.
    Personally, I would have Prof. Oak give you one to start your National Pokedex (kind of like how he gave you a Kanto starter to begin your Kanto Dex). The others...? Maybe get one (either directly or indirectly) from your Rival, and the third could be a prize from Oak for completing the Kanto Dex.

    Speaking of Oak, I had an idea the other day:
    You probably know that Prof. Oak had trainer data in the 1st-gen games. Why not put that fight in the remakes? You could do it a number of ways -- He could challenge you in his Lab, he could be a surprise E4 battle (as his Pokemon were at a higher level than the Rival's entire team), you name it!

    Anyway, there's my two cent's worth. I imagine I'll be happy no matter what you do, though! ()
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