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    Originally Posted by ~Andrea View Post
    In this week I was very busy and did not go out a lot with the rom.
    But let me show you this screen:

    The Pokemon Center
    Ps: There's something I'm not convinced but do not know what to tell you so if you have suggestions for improvement do it
    I think the things you are missing is the TV on top of the healing machine and a World Map Poster

    Originally Posted by ~Andrea View Post
    Property run impeccably a youtube video I have tried to make a script for now do not tell you what this screen even if you understand very well but to no avail as it does not go the way they should go and try to fix it:

    So if you do not do it unless I can put this thing.
    I leave you also with 2 Screen Route 4:
    Route 4 is Nice. Really like the bridge. But I don't get what you were trying to do in the first screen :p

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