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    Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
    Hey Psystar welcome to the club n_n.I'll add you in a moment or two,what specificely do you adore about Bird Pokemon :3? Design,stats or purely everything? Since you're the second one to join Team Articuno,I'll make you co-leader of that team :D.

    Welcome and have fun here!
    What do I love about Bird Pokemon the most? Their wings! Bird wings are such beautiful things, and I adore birds for being able to fly so freely. Bird Pokemon have cool designs too, and some of my favourite Pokemon designs belong to Bird Pokemon like Articuno and Braviary. Gosh I love them so much

    Underated birds? Well, like Olli said, the starter birds aren't that much underrated. Like the title suggests, they're starter birds that are available early in the game, and most often end up becoming part of a trainer's team. Though I might say that they become a bit underated later on as you get access to more stronger birds, like Braviary or Skarmory. But when you're still early in the game, the starter birds become staples in your team. I'll agree that Noctowl is a bit underated, but that's because it's not much of an attacker. It's got the best Sp. Def out of all the starter birds, and has some strong moves in its movepool like Sky Attack and Dream Eater, as well as useful ones like Reflect and Hypnosis. I haven't used Noctowl as much since I first played Gold, but I certainly do remember that Noctowl was one great Pokemon on my team.
    And Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot may not be as strong as other Bird Pokemon, but who honestly can say that they haven't had Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot on their team at least once while playing Blue/Red/LeafGreen/FireRed?

    I'll admit that I did once have a Farfetch'd on my LeafGreen team. I was young, and I liked mixing up my team. Did it actually come in use? I don't know... I only used it for a little while before changing back to Pidgeot.
    Looking at its low stats now, I'm kind of expecting it to have an evolutionary form in the next gen. But I guess not all Pokemon can be powerhouses.
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