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Oldale Town

"No, yes, and hell if I know."

The dark figure sure seemed a bit grumpy, Arla thought and pouted, putting her hands on her hips.

"I think he was after my Heart..." He clenched the gem in his hand, making Oscar take a few steps forward in curiosity. "He's right. This gem is what allows fusion."

Oscar shone up at that. "Told ya!" he said, nudging a puzzled Martin.

White stands of hair hung over his face, escaping his hood. His gray eyes turned to the girl. "Now if you don't mind, I've got things to do..." He turned to walk away, and after only a few steps, his stomach groaned loudly.

Arla sneered. "Like eating the air?" she said gleefully, just guessing that he was poor from the way he looked. Stomachs didn't just growl that loudly for no reason.

"Guys, wanna take a break in our match and have a snack at my place? I live just some streets away," she said to Oscar and Martin, turning around.

"Uh, yeah!" Oscar said.

"Heh, that would be nice. But we should be going. Maybe we can battle again if we meet again somewhere? When you've learned a little," Martin said and added the last part with a wink, which made Arla look sour again. But off they went, even though Oscar threw glances back at the hooded charlatan, probably wanting to see the transformation trick again.

"Aw. Alright," Arla said, realizing that she was left there with the hungry charlatan. She was just going to refer to him as that now. She tried to sound casual and not reveal how curious she really was. "What important things do you have to do? Collecting gems and playing tricks with them? I've never seen people train pokémon to merge with them before."

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