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    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    I was considering having one or two of them be obtainable from Prof. Oak, in a similar fashion to that. It worked for Emerald, after all. However, that would leave the question of how I could properly fit them into the game. Having your rival give you another starter would seem real off; the only reason he gave you the hatched egg of his starter (game-wise) was because he saw it as disposable, unnecessary. As someone who would be new to Johto Pokémon, I don't think he'd be willing to relinquish a Johto starter no matter what, which also means he'd never risk getting an egg of it.
    Yeah, I kind of felt the same way about having the Rival give it to you, but I can't think of much better... Maybe Bill or Celio could give it to you? They have contact with Lanette, and Bill travels to Johto in HG/SS, so it's not entirely out of the question...
    It may not fit too well, but that's the best I have right now.

    As for fitting in an Oak event where he gives you a Johto starter, it could be part of the scene where he gives you the National Dex. It's not perfect, but it could work.

    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    I don't think the battle would be that fitting regardless of where I would put it, IF I was to put it in. Doing so would infer that Prof. Oak spent the entirety of the game training the unchosen Kanto starter into its final form, AND assembling a team of other Pokémon at levels greater than that of your rival. I'm of the belief that that specific battle was cut out of the game early in production, considering that there's no reference to it in the original ROM at all, not even an associated script. Plus it really wouldn't make sense given the context of the game's final release. Changing the story isn't my objective. Adding extras to it, though? I'm fine with that.

    Theoretically, though, it wouldn't be hard to do. We already know what his Pokémon would be, and a battle sprite is already present (the one used for the Fame Checker). I'd just have to create a script that chooses which battle will be had based on the player's starter.
    You know, when you put it that way... (-_-)
    You're right, it doesn't fit very well, but I think I might have an explanation for why he might do all that training: It could be part of his research.

    Oak's research is on human-Pokemon relations, and he could be training Pokemon again so he can remind himself what these relationships are like. A little Farfetch'd perhaps, but I think it makes sense.

    Also, this could be connected to the Johto starter event, but that could make things a bit awkward...

    Out of curiosity, if you were to put the Oak battle in, which patch would it be in? Or would it need its own patch?

    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    Thanks! Right now I'm working real hard on a critical update to the patch. It won't be one that introduces much in getting more Pokémon, but rather one that attempts to remedy the hack's original focus. That's all I'll say, but, for anyone who happened upon a couple of my posts in a different thread, you probably have an idea of what it is. I hope to get it out before next week.
    "The hack's original focus"...
    Wasn't that primarily the music?

    By the way, I sometimes feel like this hack is progressing TOO fast, believe it or not! I still haven't had time to try the current version (SCHOOOOOOL!!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ), and now I'm afraid to start because with my luck, the day I start is when you'll release the next update...

    No matter what you do, this will continue to be an amazing hack, especially because users can choose what to use. Unless you completely ruin everything you've done, I'll be happy with pretty much anything!

    ...This is a much longer post than I thought it would be...
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