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    -- bemyValentine [BV] began pestering velociClamper [VC] --
    BV: Hey I need your input on some things
    BV: first things first, what the hell am i even doing in this game
    BV: like give me a basic rundown here

    VC: Uhm
    VC: I guess I could tell you what it's all really about
    VC: But that wouldn't serve your purpose!!
    VC: See, I know the others don't really agree with me on this point
    VC: But I think an important part of this game is to become stronger and mature as we go through the challenges put before us
    VC: In fact, I know it's important!!
    VC: Because...
    VC: WAIT I got an idea!!
    VC: Ok listen
    VC: The first thing you should probably do is ALCHEMIZE some stuff. You know, captchalogue a few things and their captchacodes will show up on the back of the cards
    VC: Then enter them into the PUNCH DESIGNIX and a new card will plop out, but it'll be red so you can't retrieve the item from it
    VC: But it can be used in the TOTEM LATHE!! With some cruxite of course. Put in two cards at once, make a totem and use it in the ALCHEMITER and you'll see that you can combine amazing stuff to create AMAZING stuff!! Like, make yourself some armor or a cool weapon to begin with
    VC: Now I'm babbling again, am I not? Darn!!
    VC: Anyways, then you should hurry through your first gate!! It should be visible as a floating spirograph right above your house. Hasn't your server player built up so that you can reach it yet??
    VC: And then, maybe we can meet up! :D

    Meet up? in the game? Like another player?!

    BV: Whoa whoa whoa. Meet up?
    BV: And others?
    BV: Are you and "the others'" like, npcs or something?
    BV: Or different players who've done this before?
    BV: Is that why you know so much?

    Okay, I figure I've asked him enough...for now. I kinda get what he's saying about alchemizing...maybe I can make my gunblade a fully functioning gunblade? I'm sure my parents keep a gun around in the father was the kind of guy to keep his family protected, at least.

    As I take one last look at my new upper layers of house, I notice a big imp in the distance...wait...Actually it looks like a new enemy entirely. So like an ogre or orc. Sh*t.

    I dash inside, only to find imps playing catch with yet more priceless heirlooms. They drop it when they see me, and try to scurry off.

    "Oh, no you don't!"

    I whip out my sword, chasing them into the living room. I grab one by the back of the neck and pull him down. Claws scrape my arm as he struggles to get up, but to no avail. I bring my Revolverblade down on his body. He sqwawks and scratches the side of my sword, leaving a nice line down the side. That bastard.

    A final blow turns him into grist, which is apparently much needed once Vieve used it to build that mess on my house. The other imp is somewhere in the house, sqwawking. I take advantage of the momentary peace to pester Vieve. Damn she's been snippy lately.

    BV: wait, what about my house?
    BV: Uh, drop the punch design box ix thing. Its in the deploy (I guess?) menu. Candice has one so we should all get one too.
    BV: she seems to have the most sense of all of us
    BV: Also...I'm going to look at my apparently new house...i hope you didn't f*ck it up

    PS: You’re not very observation.
    PS: Don't speak to a lady like that!
    PS: And, sure, I’ll deploy your thing next to your Meme or ON her.

    BV: Okay, first, its observant. Not observation.
    BV: And second, don't be an ass. I asked nicely.
    BV: And third, I can use whatever goddamn language I want. A f*cking meteor almost blew me up, sh*ts going to hell, im in a f*cking desert, my grandma is probably being eaten by goddamn imps, kefka wants to f*ck everything up, theres a f*cking ebonyc monpyre sh*t going on, my family and probably yours got killed by a goddamn meteor, my house is overrun with stupid ass slime monster things, and you have to run your smartass mouth everytime i ask for a goddamn f*cking favour around here. Jesus christ. I've been trying to be nice to you but you just keep digging your little spiteful claws into me everytime we talk. Im tired of this bullsh*t.
    I don't like b*tching at people, but hell was I holding that in. Vieve doesn't understand the concept of co-operative very well, or else she wouldn't take command everytime I ask her to do something. Seriously, all I wanted was the damn machine. And who even cares what language I use? F*ck up is a legitiate substitution for mess up or screw up, only you know I'm f*cking serious when I use it. Hell, now I'm b*tching to myself. I need a nap...

    I hear a clunk from my bathroom. Awesome.

    I carefully peek in, scoping for imps. Actually, a big piano is sitting there...oh, I think thats what the punch designix looks like. If I remember correctly, thats what I sent Candice. I walk over to it and check it out. Theres a small keypad for a code to be punched in, like velocirapter said. I look on the back of my revolver card. r3vvvgun. What a weird code. Anyway, I punch it in, and out pops a red card. Awesome. I stick that into my cerise deck. This is really convienient once you get the hang of it. Wish I had more cards though...wait. If I punch in a captalogue card code...will I be able to alchemize a card? Can't hurt. I look on the back of my free card. 00000000. Hehe. I probably could've figured that out. Anyway, I punch that one in too. Another red card plops out. Okay, time to find a gun to alchemize my weapon with!

    I scurry to my parents room, scaring off an imps in the process. Funny, he didn't even try to fight me. Anyway, I open the find imps crawling everywhere.

    "Whoa!" I can't stop my self from reacting. The twelve or so imps all looks at me, and each one reacts differently. Some jumps out the window, one hides in the closet, a few run into the bathroom, and the four left run at me. I quickly run around the corner to get my sword out, but I fumble and accidentally take out my cerise wallet. My rubik's card falls out, and I bend over to pick it up. I don't know how, but somehow I pulled it out on mistake in the process. I'm still fumbling with my cards when the imps round the corner. **** it. **** it all. I kick out, keeping them at bay, while sliding my now empty card into the wallet, and letting the wallet go back to its pendant. This time I atually grab my green wallet. BeforeI can get my card out, however, an imp mans up and jumps at me. I curse and smack it in the face, cutting my hand on its pointy beak. But I manage to grab my weapon. Once in my hand, my confidence seems to come back, and I slash downward on the closest imp. Grist showers me as I try to bring my blade up again, but another imps jumps. I react and put my arms up, sucessfuly getting claws and beaks stuck in my flesh. Yelping in pain, I shove down on the imp, putting him on the floor. Adreneline pumps through me, and I bite the pain in my forearms. I step down on the imp on the floor, hoping to hold him in place. The remaining two imps are circling me menacingly. Remembering how the last attack had hurt, I raise my sword in a defensive position. One imp jumps. I sidestep slightly and let it graze across the flat side of my sword, which effectively blocks its claws from my skin. The other jumps too, to fast for me to dodge. I let it hit me full on with my sword between us. The force....forces me to shift my feet. (You know, so I don't lose my balance). The imp on the ground takes this advantage to scurry out from under me. I curse again and grab its wing, pulling it to the side and slamming it into a wall. The imp that just lunged at me is stunned from hitting its head on my sword, so I decapitate it. Grist plops out again.

    The imp slammed into the wall pretty hard, probably breaking its bea- yeah his beak is broken. It is broken completely off about a third of the way down. Pretty grisly stuff. Aparently this was some form of critical hit, because it just fell over and exploded into grist as well. The last imp was flying away, only to veer around and dive towards me. His quick turnabout caught me by suprise.


    The imp collides with me, luckily without any beak involvement. His claws, however, scrape me across the chest. But he slides by, gliding off and turning around for another dive. This time, I ready my sword and! An upward slash cuts the imp in half. Grist party!

    After I've collected all the grist, I brave my way into my parent's room. Inside are the usual stuff, furniture, a bed, a television. I check under the bed for imps, but don't dare opening the closet or bathroom. I search the rest of the room for a gun. No gun in the drawers, no gun under the bed either. Wait...maybe...under the pillow?

    I pull the pillows off the bed, and there it is. A glock something or other sitting under my dad's pillow. What a wierdo. What if he accidentally shoots himself in the head at night? Whatever, not like I need to worry about it now. I captalogue it and swiftly exit my parent's room. Hearing the sqwawks of imps gives me the shivers. I dash back to the punch designix and punch in my glock's code. P3WWP3WW.

    I don't really have a lot of room in my sylladex anymore, so I just have to carry the punched card downstairs to my Cruxtruder. I spin up a dowel and throw it up the hole in the ceiling, into the library. Three more follow. I climb the ladder and plop a dowel on the lathe.

    " cards at once gives me a hybrid...according to velocirapter anyway," I say out loud. I put the obvious two cards in, revolverblade and glock. The lathe carves me a nice curvy dowel, a little more active than the last. Next, I place it on the Alchemizer's stand and activate it...

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!