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I would like to join but i have never done anything like this before but it seems fun, so any tips and or things I should know would be appreciated. If you want to contact me pm me as i have a hard time finding threads after I post on them.
Name:Aaron Field
Appearance:Average height and weight short brown hair old dirty clothes.
Personalityhy but when in tense situations very rash, doesn't miggle often keeps to him self. He does not allow any one to touch him. His strength is being a loner but it is also his weakness. Finds most human relationships to be a waste of time, values anything he can get. Considers him self weak and constantly trains to become in his mind strong. Easily infuriated, hates to lose to those he thinks do not deserve to win.
History:He grew up in a small house with his mother and father until they made him come here so he could live in better conditions. Was brought up in poor conditions and forced to work odd jobs to help bring home money. He strives to become strong so he can one day come home and take care of his parents. His father had an electabuzz but was forced to sell it to continue to buy food. A recurring job he had was to tend a women's garden so he is good at growing berries. Often stole things he wanted or needed. When he was 10 a mysterious egg appeared on their door step, he cared for it when he had time and cared it with him where ever he went. This egg eventually hatched into a dratini.
Species: Dratini
Personality:Caring, always puts Aaron before herself. Only eats berries made by Aaron.
Moves:Aqua tail,dragon breath,iron tail,heal pulse
Personality:Listens to Aaron without question,eager to fight. Followed Aaron to the school without him noticing.
Moves:Razor leaf,vine whip,stun spore,tackle
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