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    Originally Posted by hobusu View Post
    Yeah, I kind of felt the same way about having the Rival give it to you, but I can't think of much better... Maybe Bill or Celio could give it to you? They have contact with Lanette, and Bill travels to Johto in HG/SS, so it's not entirely out of the question...
    It may not fit too well, but that's the best I have right now.

    As for fitting in an Oak event where he gives you a Johto starter, it could be part of the scene where he gives you the National Dex. It's not perfect, but it could work.
    Actually, I had a different initial idea as of what to do with the Johto starters: make them the prizes for finishing the Trainer Tower in its various forms. You know, kind of be like how Mt. Battle works in Pokémon XD (the game, not the emoticon). However, given the lack of references in scripts for it, I think I wouldn't be able to do what I intended with them without ASM hacking.

    You know, when you put it that way... ()
    You're right, it doesn't fit very well, but I think I might have an explanation for why he might do all that training: It could be part of his research.

    Oak's research is on human-Pokemon relations, and he could be training Pokemon again so he can remind himself what these relationships are like. A little Farfetch'd perhaps, but I think it makes sense.

    Also, this could be connected to the Johto starter event, but that could make things a bit awkward...

    Out of curiosity, if you were to put the Oak battle in, which patch would it be in? Or would it need its own patch?
    Something like that sounds a bit too involved for it to be fitting for this game. The first two generations of Pokémon games had very little to offer in the story department when compared to other RPG games. Giving Prof. Oak his own battle with this premise would be out of character for this game. It might fit in today's Pokémon games, but I'm not aiming for that (story-wise).

    If I were to include it, it would be more fitting for a patch of its own. It would include several of the things other people put into their hacks, such as characters/Pokémon from other regions, DS-esque overworld graphics, and an extra rival based on me, along with the aforementioned "flesh". Of course, that would stray too far from the hack's intent, as I'm not a genius when it comes to creating unique content. Plus I wouldn't have that much interest in doing all that.

    "The hack's original focus"...
    Wasn't that primarily the music?
    Yep! People who listen closely will be able to hear the difference in the update. I'll reveal why the new revised music is so special, for people who don't know, once I release it.

    By the way, I sometimes feel like this hack is progressing TOO fast, believe it or not! I still haven't had time to try the current version (SCHOOOOOOL!!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ), and now I'm afraid to start because with my luck, the day I start is when you'll release the next update...

    No matter what you do, this will continue to be an amazing hack, especially because users can choose what to use. Unless you completely ruin everything you've done, I'll be happy with pretty much anything!
    Fast? I certainly think not! I've only released three or four "significant" updates, and the first two of those were just GB Player function updates. But I guess perspective can change all of that. If you do start it before I release the update, make sure you save it with the GB Player off before you apply the new patch. Otherwise it may not even get past the Game Freak screen. This is because music locations will be different, of course.

    The idea of choosing patches/features actually came from another hack that I was involved with awhile back. It was such an inspiring thing for me because I hadn't seen anything like it before: a fan alteration of a classic game that attempted to only improve its flaws and make it feel more full than it was before, without making something original out of it while also giving people the choice on what they wanted to include in it for themselves. As it turned out, the hack's intent and execution was original all on its own.

    I might not be as skilled as a hacker as others, but I'm happy to contribute something that aims to perfect a classic game (Red, that is; FireRed isn't original enough to be much more than an update. HG/SS, on the other hand...) and leaves resources for other hackers to use in the future.

    ...This is a much longer post than I thought it would be...
    That's alright, it happens to all of us. Especially me, as you see here!
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