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Originally Posted by Sira420 View Post
I see no point in using scizor as a sweeper when alot of the others are much better sweepers. And a scizor with agility, sword dance, metal claw, could potentially sweep any pokemon who doesn't resist it.
I feel like adding in a danphon (since excadrill is uber) by passing him a sword dance and an agilitu he will surprise anybody. also if I need to, I can always pass the boosts to mienshao. So drain punch will ohko and restore life orb, stone edge for coverage so this team will be hard to counter. Wich ever pokemon comes in play will be ripped to shreads by this wall breaking team
Scizor is a good sweeper in its own right. Sure, its movepool isn't the best and its Speed is rather low, but it has Technician-boosted Bullet Punch to revenge kill frail opponents, U-turn for scouting purposes, Bug Bite as a slightly stronger alternative to X-Scissor (factoring in STAB and Technician), Pursuit for hitting fleeing Psychics and Ghosts hard, Quick Attack for alternative priority, Roost for recovery and Superpower/Brick Break for taking out Heatran, Tyranitar and Blissey. Its defensive typing is excellent as well; it leaves Scizor weak to only Fire attacks, but you should have your teammates handle those. Metal Claw doesn't cut it because while it's stronger than Bullet Punch, it doesn't provide much utility besides the 10% chance of boosting Attack (which is rather low). STAB Iron Head still outpowers it (and Bullet Punch, but it should be Scizor's Steel STAB because of the boost from Technician + STAB, and it has priority), but it's better off on Scizor's Choice Scarf sets. You're just not using Scizor right. Plus, Baton Pass Scizor is outclassed by Shell Smash + Baton Pass Gorebyss (and Huntail) because Shell Smash boosts offenses and Speed by 2 levels at the cost of 1 level of each defense.

Even then, BPing boosts sometimes takes dedication, and OU is rather fast-paced, so sometimes your Baton Passer can be KOed before they get the pass in. Some exceptions are Celebi, Vaporeon, Gliscor (who are bulky enough to get BPs in), Jolteon (who can force switches at times), Huntail/Gorebyss (who can Baton Pass Shell Smash as mentioned above), Espeon (who has Magic Bounce to reflect status moves back) and Smeargle (who can easily Baton Pass whatever it wants thanks to Spore).