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I agree with this, Sydian said that if 4th Gen were to move to GPGD now, she'd have a lot of sections to handle.
I'd be fine handling six forums, but the thing is, Gen IV has a mod and if it moved to GPGD, what would happen to us? Do we both mod all of GPGD? Do I take on Gen IV as well and he just keeps Gen IV? Or do the forums we mod stay the same? With the first thing, I'm not really in need of a partner. With the second, he probably doesn't need a partner in Gen IV. And the third thing, my title just becomes cluttery, which is more of a personal gripe, lol. But I still feel gen IV is current enough to stay where it is, because they're still on a DS, like BW(2) and if you took Gen IV out of CPGD, you'd only have four games left, which doesn't seem right. Plus those four games are all in the same region. Plus, Trade Corner uses gen IV still, so...yeah.

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