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    John Archer[Ranzatsu]
    -By instinct, Ranzatsu was up at his regular height and had jumped back, retreating to the wall opposite of the golem. He turned his head upwards to see the golem now going into a rage state, nothing could get through to it now. Thinking back on it, it was probably inevitable from the start, as the monster was a much higher level than his own and well beyond his taming abilities. While getting to his feet from his crouched landing, a party request popped up at eye level from the boy who attacked at which he frowned.-

    "You give me no other choice..."

    -He lifted his right hand and selected the yes button with his index finger after which Ranzatsu placed his left leg a few inches back and bent it outwards while sliding his right leg forward so it slanted; his right arm came to hover inches above his right leg while his left arm was brought up and bent so the back of his hand was centimeters from his face, assuming his custom fighting style. Since the first few times he had tried, he had learned a few moves that would activate correctly with his stance. He shifted the position of his arms slightly, and the system kicked in, lighting his arms in a crimson red light with a soft ~whuuuur~ as he prepared to attack.-

    -He waited for the golem to take a few seconds to rest from its rage, and in that moment, he spoke in a whisper, but loud enough for the boy to hear.-


    Ranzatsu brought back his right leg and pushed off the ground, leaping towards the golem trailing the crimson light and in the moment he reached him, began his attack. His right arm which had been bent to the left quickly moved across the assumed face of the golem, while the left arm he had been concealing was brought up and into the head of the golem.

    "Feint Palm Strike"

    -While it was recoiling from the attack Ranzatsu planted a boot on its shoulder and pushed off, landing behind the creature and bending his legs slightly to absorb the impact of the landing.
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