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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Can you post a screenshot? Or even better, tell me where it is and send me screenshots showing the entire text? That's one of the things Ash would be able to fix, and I can run it through a translator (or he can if he wants to).

Did you delete the .sav file from your previous attempt? And any other files created by the emulator?

I was originally going to post a screenshot but every time I hit "Prnt Scrn" and paste it onto Gimp, just a transparent canvas comes up. I guess I can try Photoshop.
As for the non-translated text, right when you come out of the victory road cave, you have to surf right until you reach a dark square patch of water. Hover over it and make sure a Pokemon doesn't know dive. If none of your Pokemon know dive and you hit the A button, the Portuguese language will come up. If your Pokemon do know dive, English text will come up asking if you would like to use dive.

The only other save file I deleted was the backup save I made. The saves for me are .SNP - I sometimes load my games right off of the in game saves. Either way, I always save both ways before quitting.
I really need to get through the underwater part but cannot because of the foggy cloud mist that I can't see anything in.

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