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    Originally Posted by Skyy View Post
    I was originally going to post a screenshot but every time I hit "Prnt Scrn" and paste it onto Gimp, just a transparent canvas comes up. I guess I can try Photoshop.
    As for the non-translated text, right when you come out of the victory road cave, you have to surf right until you reach a dark square patch of water. Hover over it and make sure a Pokemon doesn't know dive. If none of your Pokemon know dive and you hit the A button, the Portuguese language will come up. If your Pokemon do know dive, English text will come up asking if you would like to use dive.
    If you play using VBA, hit F12. Screenshot. Boom.

    Also, I guess the correct text in that circumstance is the one that says something like, "A Pokémon might be able to dive into the water here." I know the spot you speak of, I've looked ahead in the data to Victory Road and see the underwater travels waiting for me.

    "Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

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