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That wouldn't really work either though. A number of the DS games are in the spinoffs section in General.

And another thing, what about Magnagate? The new MD game that is going to be released on the 3DS? Where would that go?

I can see putting it in Spinoffs, but given that general is mainly for past generation games, and systems, it would make no sense to put a 5th Gen 3DS game in General while we keep 4th gen DS games in Current.
Because DS or 3DS or N64, a spin off is a spin off. Believe me when I say that once a new spin off comes out, its spotlight lasts about a week or so then no one cares and threads about it stop being made. So it doesn't need to go in a 3DS game forum or a 3DS spin off forum or anything of the sort. Spin offs are not popular enough for each of them or each system that one is for to have its own forum or subforum. That's excessive. I don't see a problem in renaming CGPD to DS Generation and when we get 3DS main games and not spin offs, we can worry about what to do with the name and what to do with 4th Gen at that time.

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