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Yes I agree with you on the fact that a scizor with bullet punch and sword sance is easy to set up and sweep, but he would provide no support what so ever to this specific team. As a scouter, well I alreadyy have a scouter, mienshao, and he fulfills his job pretty damn good. Fake out and uturn do around 60% damage ti any base 100 pokemon. Add a life orb and its a sure 75 to 80%. & stone edge not only covers his flying weakness but also wrecks any fire pokemon. So then by uturning to scizor his bulk and type resistance will assure a set up ^-^
As for a different batton passer they don't gave the bulk or type advantage of scizor( I need a pokemon to hit icetypes hard) and while iron head, and x-scissor are strong( having their bp at 80), I prefer bullet punch over both the other stab moves. Bullet punch with technician does the same amount of damage as the other 2 but with added priority. Metal claw falls within range of technician so metal claws 50 bp gets double to 100 (its like an iron earthquake) ;D true story bro ... With One agility many pokemon will be at his mercy. Right now for the kast move slot I'm debating between roost, sword dance, or bullet punch. Sword dance plus technicuan metal claw will be amazingly strong.
the only good counter to this team is a cursing lapras with iceshard. Not a very commom, and its hard to set up. Mienshao with drain punch will do massive damage at first. or scizor to sharply boost attack and destroy with steel stab move.
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