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You're one of the few new members I've seen who use the 'é' character in writing Pokémon. I give you two thumbs up for that, because I make it a point to do that too. :D Oh and cool, we're about the same age! Gold was one of my first games too, although Yellow and Blue came before that in my case. We're pretty much in the same situation. Like you, I'm still lacking Black 2/White 2. ):

I loved the third generation, too. It introduced us to great Pokémon like the Wailmer line, the Bagon line and the Beldum line. I mean you really have a point, I love Metagross so much that I'd choose it over other pseudolegendaries. And you're really lucky to get a shiny Golett for your first one! Mine was a Pidgey back in Crystal, so I don't think it compares well, haha.

Anyway, welcome to one of the best forums there is, Viktor. Hikari directed you to good places to check out, although I hope you make it a point to read some of the stickies of those sections, as well as the forum-wide rules, so that you'll quickly get a hang of posting. I assure you it will help make the ride a lot smoother. Just stay as active as you can, and have a great time. Oh and if ever you wanted to talk over a nice cup of coffee, just leave me a VM. :)
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