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    I decided to remake this thread of hotmagma99, because it was locked in Pokemon gaming central and I 've been told that I can remake it hear. So here it is:

    hey guys, I've made this thread for people to have a conversation on the 'new' pokemon that are said to appear in the later future...

    Please, feel free to post any of your ideas if that is the:
    • Name
    • Image
    • Stats
    • Description
    • Type

    Also, you can visit the new FACEBOOK page: (FutureGenPokemon) to post there if you want your ideas to be seen by more pokefans...
    please recommend this page to your friends and lets start a Pokemon FUTURE!!! WOBUFFET

    And here's a pokemon of mine:
    Description: A dolphin pokemon. Like a regural oceanic or river, spotted or bottlenose dolphin(a porpoise would be good too) pretty much and keep it simple. I 'd like it to look natural.

    Name: Rhidelfus or Rhydelfus(rhino from the shape of its head+delfus from the the greek word δελφύς=womb).

    Type: Water

    Stats: A good physical attacker.
    68HP, 110PA, 100PD,
    108S, 70SA, 56SD.
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