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Can't choose; I pick them all!

Well, there was a time where I really loved Espeon, because it was really strong and super cute (still is)! Now I alternate a lot between Umbreon and Flareon, because Flareon is Fire-type and they're my favorite type. It's also really fluffy. <3 I honestly think I'd have to go with Umbreon, though. It's a very cool-looking Pokémon, and is a great defensive wall. I love its shiny form, too, because its rings turn blue and blue is my favorite color! I also really like Dark-types, and I like to think Umbreon has a decent moveset, even if its attacking stats aren't too great. I have one on my Black 2 and, despite him being a bit difficult to train, I love him to death. <3 (As well as my other Pokémon in my Black 2, of course!)

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