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Kanto - Pallet Town/Lavender Town: I'd like to live in Pallet Town because, not only is it the town to receive your starters, but also because it's nice and quiet. c: Lavender Town because I love its theme it's a quaint, yet fascinating little town; the rumors behind the town make it that much more interesting!

Johto - Ecruteak City: I just really love this city! I think watching the Kimono Girls dance would be cool and then getting to explore the Burned Tower!

Hoenn - Lavaridge Town/Fortree City: I'd like to live in Lavaridge because it's home of Fire-type Pokémon and has those relaxing hot springs! As for Fortree City, I think it'd be kind of cool to live in the trees! c:

Sinnoh - Veilstone City: I honestly don't know where I'd live here. I guess Veilstone because of the shopping center. :U

Unova - Nimbasa City/Virbank City/Castelia City: Nimbasa City because amusement park. Virbank City for Roxie's band (even though I'm not into the type of music she plays, technically, but whatever) and also to find me a Growlithe. <3 Castelia City because it's such an amazing place, and also Skyarrow Bridge! :D

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