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Originally Posted by Para-Dox View Post
Stay away from HP like it's a unholy abomination sucking all the life force away from it. My experience with their computers are awful. Oh, and avoid compaq as there a subsidiary of them. Acer have been improving recently, although I wouldn't outright recommend them.

Toshiba and Lenovo however are another story. My relative has a Toshiba laptop which is doing very well after about 4 years. Very durable, although quite sticky for some reason. I'm currently typing on a Lenovo computer myself. And, I'm very impressed by how well it runs, although the OEM software on it is rather buggy.

I, myself, would probably go with the Lenovo option, seeing as it has more up to date software compared to the Toshiba.

(As a side question, why are you selling your MacBook?)
If you have not noticed it yet, it is cheaper for me to just sell it and get a better laptop in terms of storage and graphics than getting an aftermarket SSD and risking ruining the laptop with a slip of the hand.
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