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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
You're saying DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) didn't try to change the definition of marriage? 'Cuz if you're arguing that "man + woman = marriage, but man + man =/= marriage" I disagree with your prescriptivist notion of marriage.

At the federal level Obama has already told his people not to defend DOMA which does have an impact on, for instance, married same-sex couples where one is a citizen of the US and one is not. And he's weighed in on the measures (or whatever they're called) in Washington and Maine.

Granted, he could be doing a lot more, but at least he's pushing in the right direction, which his political opponents are not doing.
DOMA defines marriage for federal purposes, but it actually doesn't affect whether or not a same-sex couple can get married in any give state.
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