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    Originally Posted by DarkGrey View Post
    Outrage doesn't work right. When the move ends, the opponent gets a free turn, and you won't be confused. I think it only happens when you KO the opponent's pokemon with the move. They switch in their poke and get a free attack.

    And it might be related, but when I ended my outrage, the opponent switched in a new pokemon (theirs fainted from my Outrage attack), got a free turn and used Roar, switching me out. I switched right back in and couldn't use the Outrage anymore.
    A simple coding error. I missed out a few @battle. from class PokeBattle_Move_0D2 (three in total). They go before pbRandom, pbCommonAnimation and pbDisplay.

    Originally Posted by DarkGrey View Post
    Battle Tower Testing

    1. The Battle Factory doesn't work. When the game goes to generate your pokemon, it gives this error:

    2. The Battle Arena doesn't work as the games do. Rather than ending after 3 rounds and going to a judge, battles go on until a pokemon is KOd like a regular battle. However, you can't switch out, and you don't chose your next pokemon (it automatically picks the next in line to go out), so maybe it is working as intended.

    3. Battle Tower seems to be working fine. Same with Battle Palace.

    4. Generating New Teams option never seems to get past Simulating battle 1.I've had it crash and give an error message and I've had it just stay on that screen for 5 minutes before I gave up on it. Not even sure what it does at this point. It seems to just be a debugging feature, so I'm not too concerned about it
    1. It's never worked. Someone more interested than me needs to figure out a solution.

    2. I don't know what was intended, because it was like that before I got it (at least, I haven't knowingly changed it). Again, someone with interest and knowledge of the Battle Frontier (I have none) needs to look at it.

    4. That option appears in Debug mode only, as you say. As far as I can tell, it's literally pointless, as the information it tries to generate isn't saved or used anywhere. Looks like yet another unfinished feature.
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