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    hehe, hey guys i found a way to counter trolls (like a wobbuffet!) when you run into the "i'm gonna flash all my legendarys and shinys and then offer a lillipup" troll all you have to do is show them your shiny giratina holding a master ball and they become surprisingly nice again, once they offer their regirock be happy and start the trade (you can also do what they did and replace it with a lillipup if you wanna mess with their head) then eventually go to the part where you select the other persons pokemon and wait a REAALLLLL long time to select "trade" then you turn it off. when you run into the "i'm gonna show my legendarys and shinys and log out" troll just do what you did before, get your giratina ready and once they stop showing off and their side says "waiting" HURRY and show the giratina! they'll be stuck hoping for you to choose "trade" so it won't log them out, act like you don't know this and eventually choose "end trade" be careful and make sure it's actually a troll though or else it'll make you one, and of course you can use something besides a giratina. if we all work together we can rid GTS negotiations of trolls!

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