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Originally Posted by RenegadeShroom View Post
If you press A when you're facing a TV in Celadon's department store in FR/LG -- dunno if it's the same in HG/SS, R/B/Y or G/S/C -- some text will come up saying something about the player's dad. I forget exactly how it goes, but it's nothing major, just a throwaway things saying that "dad would like this" or some such. I'd say that's some solid evidence that Red/Leaf know their dad, don't you think?
True, true. Same goes for Black in your room, like I said before.

Originally Posted by ZettaSlowbro
A Charizard could have eaten your dad...

Heheh, I see what you did there. Although, if a Charizard did eat your dad, then he would be in a field involving Pokemon, right (Trainer, Professor, etc)?

I think, that they should seriously consider your father being the Champion- or every weekend he's home, and you get to battle him (after the E4). He would be on a random route during the day, or battling other trainers.

Or what if your dad was your rival? Or at least one of them? Or even a situation like Roxie and her father in B2W2?
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