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    Maybe we just do our work very differently. Like I said, I like to start with the very basic stuff and build everything around it. Anyway, should you have read my previous posts, you might've noticed that I did mention some of my ideas concerning the library and the battle system.
    Anyway, when I referred to the card image, I was actually referring to the card's artwork panel. I didn't measure the side ratio, so I'm not too sure it actually fits perfectly, but I didn't have any Pokémon Cards at hand when I did the layout.
    Concerning the battle info on the card summary screen; I think it might really come in handy for players planning their turn while looking through all the cards on the field and their hand. Assume you would have to constantly switch between the battle field screen and the summary screen. That'd be pretty annoying, since there can be 2x5 (bench) + 2x1 (active) + 1 (stadium) + 7 (hand) = 20 cards of interest, not even counting (special-)energy cards. I imagine it to be a lot more comfortable to use L and R or something to swicth from one card's summary to another one's. In that case, the player should be able to see information, such as a pokémon's HP and status. Also, it's just one boolean variable to consider (since you need to render the info anyway, you can probably just copy the draw-logic), it can't be such a pain to implement that with Ruby, can it? I know, you had a similar discussion about the filters already, I just want you to consider it before just scrapping the idea for simplicity.

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