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Originally Posted by Sira420 View Post
This moveset is a pretty good idea lol. It puts apponents to sleep, sets in curse, and restores/ damages the other pokemon. Pretty good except hypnosis got doen graded to 60% accuracy and gengars bleh defences c[x
I would recomend a more sweeping assualt. His speed and special attack are no laughing matter. So give him a life orb to hold and a modest naturevand you got yourself a pokemin capable of seriously denting an apposing team.
Gengar @life orb
Focus blast
Pain split
With this set you'll go in substitude, this prevents you from deing the next turn and get a status like paralasis or burn. Now use pain split it will restore your health and bring your apponents down. Then either shadow ball or focus blast. Killing the other pokemon, now repeat. Pain split is used very handy with life orb and substitude and it works especially good with pojemon who have lots of hp. instead of substued you can use thunder bolt for more neutral coverage
You totally disregarded the fact that the OP was asking for a 3rd Gen Gengar set. A much more fitting all-out attacker (in 3rd gen, that is) should look like this:

Gengar @Leftovers
Timid/Modest nature
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
~ Thunderbolt
~ Ice Punch
~ Giga Drain
~ Fire Punch

This would also work in-game perfectly. Unless you have R/S because Ice and Fire Punch are only available via move tutors in Emerald. You could replace both moves with Shadow Ball and Hypnosis if that is the case.