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    Name: Clay. Nuff said.
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male

    Appearance(Picture can be provided in its place): Clay is about 6'4, a relatively average height for someone his age. His figure is very unaverage, however. If you look at him from a distance, he looks like a gorilla. His arms hand down to his knees and his legs are a little short. Even his torso is larger than normal, for it makes up most of his height. Before the infection, people called him Gorilla....Although he despised it. After a while, he began to work out and his long arms began to be extremely strong. These newly strengthened appendages give him an uncanny ability to climb, further proving his nickname. Clay has a mop of dark, greasy hair that stops right above his eyebrows. His eyes are as red as the mineral he was named after. His face in general, is actually quite handsome. His usual clothing includes specialized, dusty blue jeans, that fit him perfectly, and a brown trenchcoat that he keeps random items in for certain emergencies. He wears a backpack to carry all of his stuff in.



    Pokemon: Grimer-Sewage

    Moves(6 Max): Sludge Bomb, Sludge, Toxic, Pound

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