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    OMG, you guys read my mind! So, as you guys seem to want to do this, I'm just going to set it up!!!

    Welcome to Lavender Town's first Halloween Creepypasta Contest! (Well, actually you don't really win anything so it's just a writing groupy thing.

    Be creative...blah blah blah. This is for FUN, so don't get super competitive or anything!!

    The contest will end on NOVEMBER 5TH. After that, no more pastas can be posted and they have to go in Fanfics instead!! On November 6th, anyone who wants to vote on the best submission should PM me with their choice. I'll tally it up, and announce the winner the next day! Maybe I can even get someone to make them an emblem.

    So when you post your pasta, put it in a spoiler like NecrumWarrior suggested, to save space. Make sure it has a title, so we can vote on it!

    HAVE FUN!!!!