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Kerin held his breath as the glass slid down and the floor below him started to rise. He turned to see Raum wave him off and mouth him a 'good luck' just before he disappeared below him. Kerin felt his heart hammering below his chest, which was, though he didn't know it, incredibly bad for him. The more nervous he was, the more his heart beated and the more energy he would use. It was here, in the small confines of this tube as the floor finally stopped and the sky teased him with a false freedom above, that Kerin weighed all his options. His options? Blank. This was the first time he had ever been so frightened in his life, the only time in comparsion was his last night as a human.

He had been so sure before that he could make it through this. He could rebel and fight and protect what meant the most to him but now, the time it seemed most important to be strong, he felt nothing.

"Please insert your left arm," a voice said to him. Kerin looked to his left as a hole on his left hand side. The hole was dark and he wasn't sure what was on the other side, but he automatically obeyed. His arm was fastened and the hole grew smaller, stopping just so it was tight on his arm. He wasn't sure if this was normal or if it meant anything at all, but it didn't feel good. He took a deep breath and tried to relax.

Remember, Marisa. Your sister is out there somewhere, probably as scared as you are.

Don't mess this up.

Not like Quinn.

A image was projected in front of him on the glass. He immediately recognised the God; it was Natruo. How did he get behind the glass? Was there a TV there?

"Hello my fair participants! Welcome to the eighth annual Population Games. As you have probably noticed, things are a little different this year."

Two other projections appeared; tubes, similar to what Kerin was standing in, with two arms poking out of each.

"As we have had you done, your arm is currently outside the tube and clasped into place," Natruo began to explain, pulling a pair of handcuffs off a podium which had suddenly appeared next to him. "You will be cuffed to another participant at random. Don't waste your strength with trying to break free or disturb your partner. They won't feel it."

He cuffed the two arms together and soon after, Kerin felt something cold and metal clasp around his own wrist. Now he had something on both his wrists, realising that he still had his bracelet on his other arm. The tubes lowered on the projection, revealing two people whom he did not recognise. Were they players? They looked very surprised at the situation they were in.

"The chain and cuffs are unbreakable. Fire, water, pressure, electricity... Even direct explosions will not damage them. The only ways to unbind yourself, is to find one of the six keys scattered throughout the arena. Any of the keys will work on any cuff. One lucky person won't have to deal with any of this, though! Exactly one person will not be chained to another, due to the... Uneven amount of people," Natruo gave a short laugh.

Wait... chained? That reminded Kerin of something...

"I-I only see seven other people in the arena with me... In front of a clock tower... I-I see... Two people I've never seen before... Two adults... Shiro and Shizuka...And Ryuu."

"R-ryuu... I'm chained to Ryuu."

Kerin watched the rest of the annoucement in horror as he basically murdered the two people chained to each other. Kerin wasn't thinking straight though. This meant, if Marisa's vision was true, that she was chained to the most psychopathic and deranged thing among them.

Though, was this a bad thing? It only meant that Marisa would be safe. He couldn't think of Ryuu ever losing to anybody. And Marisa dying meant Ryuu would die too.

"Good luck!"

The tube slid down and Kerin quickly looked to see who he had been chained to. It was... Shiro? Kerin gave her a forced smile though he wished she was a little... less dazy. Bloodthirsty Shiro might be a little more helpful than 'About-to-fall-asleep' Shiro. Still, she was so mysterious. Kerin wanted to help her, sure, but he wanted to save Marisa more.

Another thought popped into his head. The clocktower, Marisa said she had seen Shiro but not Kerin. Did that mean he had managed to unchain each other?

Kerin breathed deeply and look straight ahead into the arena, catching glimpses of other contenders. There were a few things he had to do; find Marisa, find Bernkastel, stop Ryuu from finding a key and find the clocktower.
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