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    Oldale Town

    The Pokemon Center was quite serene. The floors were pristine, not a speck of dust on them. The walls were pretty bare except for the brightly detailed map that hung next to the PC. "Better figure out where I'm going next." Approaching the map, Tyler focused in on the small town north of Littleroot. there wasn't much option of where to go. He contemplated going north to check out what other pokemon he might find. After that though, the only way to go would be to cross the water, which he was unable to due. After further review of the situation, he decided it would be best if he and Sanjiro continued west to Petalburg. "Just to think, I might meet Norman!"

    "Excited are we?" said Nurse Joy with a smile on her face as she approached Tyler with a pokeball in her hand. "He's as good as new. Just keep in mind that keeping him healthy will be the best way to get him to open up to you. Though silent, he honestly looks like, with time, he can come to trust you. You better be on your way."

    "Thanks Nurse, for the healing, and for the advice." Tyler said as he started to collect his things.

    ""HHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Came a monstrous growl from outside. Tyler and Nurse Joy came out of the Pokemon Center running. As they looked around, they saw nothing out of the ordinary. Just some kids having a pokemon battle, unphased by the sound that had just rattled around there minds.

    With a firm nod, Nurse Joy said "Be on your way now, but be careful. You never know what could be roaming around in the nights." With that, Tyler was off to Route 102.

    Route 102

    The route was quietly ominous. He saw trainers in the wild grass looking for pokemon all around him. He walked through the wild grass evading eyes all around him. He just wanted to make it through without being noticed by any trainer.

    He was finally reaching the end of the route was he was greeted by a Trainer exclaiming "When two trainers eyes meet they must battle!" The youngster look eager to battle as he sent out his Zigzagoon. The Zigzagoon ran back in forth, almost rhythmically. Standing there with an annoyed face, the trainer shouted out "You gonna send out your pokemon or what?"

    Tyler glanced at the youngster and thought to himself "This kids gotta be kidding me. Whatever." Reaching for his pokeball, Tyler shouted "Go Sanjiro!" The Treecko took aim at the Zigzagoon and waited for his command. The youngster ordered a headbutt from his pokemon. "Treecko, dodge it and use Absorb!" The Treecko ducked out of the way as the Zigzagoon dove over his head. With this, Sanjiro turned around and launched his attack. The creature was drained and aggravated. Frustrated the trainer tried again. This time, Sanjiro was knocked back a few feet into a pile of rocks. As the trainer ordered one more attack from the pokemon, Sanjiro picked up a rock and Tyler said "Wait for it. " and as soon the Zigzagoon started charging, "Tyler shouted "Now! Use Fling!" The Treecko flung the rock, damaging the skull of the pokemon, knocking it back into a tree. It lay on the floor weak. It struggled back up. The trainer ordered another attack from the pokemon.

    The Zigzagoon was about to start charging again when a stream of bubbles came out of the woods, taking it by surprise. The Zigzagoon fell to the ground, knocked out. "Thats not fair! How is that even possible?!?!" Yelled the trainer in frustration. The pokemon then fire bubbles at Sanjiro.

    "Dodge it and land an Absorb!" Tyler shouted back in retaliation. The pokemon tried to jump back into the woods at the fire of the attack but it was hit and fell to the ground. "Its time to catch this thing!" he exclaimed. He took out a pokeball and readied an attempt to catch it.

    "No! That thing hurt my pokemon! I'll be the one to catch it!" the youngster said pulling out a pokeball. The two through there pokeballs into the trees where the pokemon lay and ran over to the small creature to figure out which one, if either of them, had caught a new pokemon.
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