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    Elise Vivian Molyneux
    Floor 4...again. The two women had headed directly for Celedona’s portal to here after Krissu’s changing into more appropriate field attire. Elise had spent a great deal of time on this floor so far. Far more than she cared to admit in fact. All that promising ore was just too tempting to pass up. Many a blacksmith had been spending their time here. This arid wasteland didn’t attract many others beside the ore-crazy. It left a lot to be desired this floor. Certainly not a beauty of design, but one of almost ruthless formidableness.

    "This isn't the most cheerful place..." Krissu commented, sweeping a hand at the empty square in front of the portal. "But I guess it must be a heaven for a Blacksmith? To live and work so close to a lot of good ore. I wonder why Architam didn't suggest that we moved here instead. Probably because it's more dangerous than Floor 2..." She interrupted herself and stopped mid sentence.

    Elise turned to look at her with an inquisitive brow raised. She wondered why she had stopped mid sentence, but wasn’t in the mood to pry. “Yep, a lot of good ore.” Was all she said in response at first. “Pretty sucky place to work and live however. I only come here for the ore and then leave when done.”

    Krissu turned towards her and asked if she was good at finding her way around here. One might say that she was pretty adept at it. She hadn’t mapped every possible inch of it, but what she had seen, she knew well enough. Looking at Krissu, her hair contrasting with the rather desaturated surroundings, caused Elise to chuckle a little. Krissu was probably going to be the most colorful thing on this floor with that hair. “I guess I know it well enough. Spent a lot of time here, with all the ore and stuff. Even in the digital world, sand seems to get in places it doesn’t belong.” She joked lamely and walked in front of Krissu as she waved her onward.

    The two girls walked through the small and desolate town. This barren world was slightly disheartening and dreary. It almost reminded Elise of one of the middle eastern bazaars she read about in a magazine at one time. The sand and dust laden streets were lined with blacksmiths selling their respective wares. A few of them stood out from the rest, others Elise recognized from previous occurrences of passing through. It was a small town, and it didn’t take long for the two young women to make their way through it to the outskirts and just past the safe zone. That was when Elise stopped and turned to face Krissu again.

    “Ok, now that we’re outside the town.” She turned her gaze south and pointed. “That is the way to go for the ore we need later. A few underground tunnels infested with Golems and Goblin Miners. I don’t recall seeing too many plants in that direction however.” She turned back around and placed her hands firmly on her hips. “Over there,” she said nodding her head to the east. “I haven’t been over there too much, I would say that might be our best chance.”

    “What do you say?”
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