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Originally Posted by TeamEmpoleon View Post
What types are most effective against Kingdra, 2 Dragonair`s and a Gyarados? I also have an Shiny Gyarados (Rage). Should I use Rage?
Against Gyarados, use electric-type attacks such as Thunderbolt. Dragonair is weak against ice and dragon-type attacks. Kingdra is only weak against dragon-type attacks.

You could train up your Dratini till it learns a decent dragon-type attack and evolve it, but mind you, dragon-types are also super effective against other dragon-types.

You could use your Gyarados if you want, but I don't recommend you use Rage. Thrash would be a good choice, but you will have to deal with confusion after a few rounds. Level it up for a better chance of winning.

The best is to try out many options and see for yourself! You can learn much more from doing that.