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    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    Hm... I've imported a map into Black 2 in order to replace Aspertia City with Littleroot Town as a test for my ROM hack. Now I'm wondering... how come doesn't the map appear at all?

    I'm rather a beginner to importing maps into Nintendo DS ROMs. Do you know what I've done wrong here? The map that I've just imported into the ROM comes up with an error in NPRE but doesn't display at all while playing the ROM. I must've done something wrong, what could it be?
    I'd try these:
    • Make sure all the faces are supported geometry by NITRO-Plugins
    • Set the exporting scale to 64.0000
    • Make sure you convert the .imd to .nsbmd using the -emdl option in g3dcvtr
    • I don't know how it works for BWB2W2 maps, but if there's a section size written in the map file, edit it to match with that of the new model
    When I imported my first map, I had problems with scale. The map was tiny, appearing only as a single pixel. So I'd rather take a look at the scale thing, because it's important.
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