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    I have read all the posts in this thread, and absorbed the information therein (although perhaps not some of the more techy stuff since I'm not at that stage yet). Please bear this in mind even if I don't respond to it all - I write it down and think about it a lot.


    Progress update
    See attached. Yes, it's the Card Library screen (and the Deck Builder screen). What you see is actually coded and actually works... pretty much. All graphics can easily be placeholders if better artwork comes along.

    The Library shows 9 cards at once, each with an icon and quantity. Each pocket displays the number of cards in it. Ignore the item icon overlapping with the card picture, because I've not done that yet. Moving between pockets is the same as for the Bag, i.e. left and right.

    Selecting a card allows you to either examine or toss it. You can toss any cards that aren't being used in a deck - if you try to toss more than are spare, the game will say so and ask if you want to toss just the spare ones instead.

    Filters are fully supported, although I've only bodged one in so far ("Basic Pokémon only", as you can see in the screenshot). The pocket quantity doesn't change even if you apply filters. Filters are per-pocket and persistent. Once a GUI has been invented to allow filter toggling, it will be available from a menu which pops up by pressing Alt - this menu will also contain a "Remove all filters" option and a couple of sorting options (alphabetical, "smart"). The exact filter/sorting options are undecided so far. Free sorting (like in most of the Bag's pockets) is also available, and applying a sort option is a one-off rearranging action when selected rather than constant reins.

    The Deck Builder is built on the Library, and does whatever it can do. However, cards cannot be tossed. The numbers in each pocket's tab indicate how many cards from that pocket are in the deck; again, these numbers are unaffected by filters. Adding/removing cards from the deck is done by pressing S/D. There is already a 4-cards-of-the-same-name restriction, but it doesn't apply to Basic Energy cards. The deck list cannot be filtered or sorted, and will always be arranged in the "smart" way (see below).

    The Alt options menu will also contain a "Rename Deck" option, and an option to change the deck's icon - the icon is decoration only, and separate to the "incomplete/complete/main deck" icon.

    It is intended that decks can be left incomplete, unless it is the main deck which must be complete.


    The "smart" sorting method is a bit involved. The cards are first grouped into types, with monsters coming before trainers coming before energies. Trainers are then divided into trainers/stadium/item/whatever, with each group in alphabetical order, and energies are similar but with basic/special types. Pokémon are grouped together according to evolution family (in ascending order), and are then put into element super-groups according to the type of the first Pokémon in that group (e.g. Eevee-related cards will be in the Colourless group).

    The only part of this I've done so far is the "monsters then trainers then energies" for decks only. Coding the other aspects of it, particularly the evolution family grouping, will be... interesting.


    There are many things still to do before the Library/Deck Builder is actually usable. There is no "choose deck to work on" screen yet, nor a way to save/discard changes. The aforementioned filters and sorting options need to be created. And so on. I just thought you might like to know what's going on.

    EDIT: I couldn't attach a file when I made this post, so I had to create it then edit it before I was allowed to attach the screenshots. Seems like a bug with the forum to me.
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