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Extremely weird; I have lost my lvl30 Togepi and lvl34 Machop too!
I am pretty sure I did not release any Pokémon. I always keep my Pokémon...

~ About that "better" Dratini. Dratini was pretty much my only way to beat Kingdra :/
I think I have to use my Gyarados now to beat Kingdra? As Gyarados is my only Dragon Pokémon left after Dratini dissapeared.

~~ At what level should I put my Pokémons? And do I have to learn my Pokémons moves where I freeze/paralyze/burn them? I think it would be pretty useful?
The big problem is Kingdra. I can beat those Gyarados and Dragonairs with ease. Kingdra
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