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    Alexandria Cattiebrie

    "Welllll, Ready?" A man asked from outside her room. Alexandria(or Alex as she goes by) was more than ready, at least mentally. In a world so changed by legends most people might have assumed not exist, it was near impossible to really be ready for anything. The guy asking was one of Rowan's assistants, who traveled across what was once Sinnoh to study the wild Pokemon. It seemed weird that it has been close to a year since she first meet the assistant, with a sprained ankle on her way back to her mother's house(or what was left of it, which was more or less a pile of wood). The assistant went back to work as soon as he was healed, occasionally stopping by to say hi. It wasn't until a week ago when the assistant said that Rowan was considering her to be one of the Pokedex bearers(in secret). Then yesterday, Rowan himself visited.


    "So your Alex...." Rowan said hesitantly. "I am Professor Rowan, and I am collecting a few trainers to help with the...scouting of the changes of our world due to recent events." He took out 7 Pokeballs, each with a Pokemon inside, along with a Pokedex. "And for that, I decided that it would lessen the workload if you and a few more young people like yourself would do the footwork and gather some Pokemon, which seem to be evolving unusually...."

    Alexandria looked at what was in each ball. She reached for the one with the Buneary, and when her hands went over it, Rowan asked, "Are you sure you want to go through with this journey? Are you content to just leave your home?"

    Alex replied while picking up the ball and Pokedex, "Yes, I'm sure." Alex decided days ago she would leave. As for home, It was hard to say that she thought of either house her parents was home.

    Rowan nodded, "Then it's decided," Rowan pulled out a ticket with a ship drawn on it and 10 Pokeballs and handed it to Alexandria. "This ticket will take you to Castella City. I will board the same ship. See you their." As Rowan walked toward the door, Alex asked, "Wait, your leaving now?" It was early afternoon,but Rowan chuckled as he said, " I don't move quite as fast as I did in my prime, so I will be going now. To someone your age though, if you wake early enough, you should be their long before it leaves." Rowan left, leaving Alex to prepare for the journey.

    The memory flashed through her mind. She then closed her pack, checked to make sure she had her book, and left the same as Rowan. After saying bye to her mother(the only one there), She said to the assistant, "Ya, lets go."


    The trail to Snowpoint was fairly boring for the most part, since the weak blizzard blocked out most of what they could see. It wasn't until you got to the city that anything could be seen. the first, and most out of place was the Boat. While it looked delicate enough to be crushed by icebergs, when she looked out to the sea, it was oddly clear of ice. She then decided to walk onto the boat, flashing her ticket to the guard. After going below deck for warmth and escape from the wind, she released the Buneary. The Buneary stretched as Alex took out the Pokedex to get info on her own Pokemon.

    Huge Power
    Tackle, Jump Kick & Thunder shock

    Huge Power? Thunder shock? Only one name stuck in her mind. "Hey," The Buneary lazily turned his head, "Is the name Thor ok?" Thor made no sign of either acceptance or denial until he decided to nod. Well, that was a good start. Alex thought, but now what?