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    James “Jay” Rybak

    My group of three trainers and their Pokemon, including me, had arrived at Oak Town. Luckily, Nalafari had calmed down by then. The town appeared to be a small community town, but the roads were bustling with people of every kind, from Pokemon trainers to busy shopkeepers. There was the scent of fresh bread, the perfumes of different kinds of fruits, and delicious scents creeping out of the restaurants. The town looked stunning with its dazzling buildings. The architecture of the town had awestricken me, the details were wonderful. I had the urge to take my sketchbook and pencil out to illustrate the beauty of Oak Town, but I resisted the urge in order to not fall behind my group. I noticed restaurants, a Pokecenter, a Pokemart, and other buildings including a TM shop.

    I left my group for a quick moment to buy Pokeballs from the Pokemart. After all, if I don’t have Pokeballs, my Pokemon would be vulnerable to trainers who wish to catch Pokemon. I told my group that I would meet them back at the restaurant they would decide to go to. I hustled to the Pokemart, and quickly brought six Pokeballs. I thanked the cashier, and put my Pokemon inside their newly brought Pokeballs. Three of the Pokeballs were for my Pokemon, and the other three were for just in case one of my Pokemon’s Pokeball broke. I ran as fast as I could to restaurant to meet the rest of my group.

    I had arrived at the restaurant to find that my group had already chosen a place to sit down near a window by the far left side of the room. A waitress came, and asked us for what we would like to order. I ordered a fruit salad of fresh greens, bean sprouts, croutons, Razz berries, Nanab berries, and Pinap berries with cress on top. After I finished my order, I asked the waitress for two bowls for my Pokemon, and then thanked her. Nalafari had to skip this meal, or else, chaos would erupt. Nalafari is currently in his Pokeball. If I let him out, Nalafari would get into a fight with the Quilava, and the group might get kicked out of the restaurant. I set down the two bowls on the ground next to the table. I put some Pecha berries in Emil’s bowl and some Aspear berries in Samuel’s bowl. I took out Samuel and Emil’s Pokeballs, and I released them. I looked up to see the Quilava scowling at me. I shivered a bit,I felt uncomfortable around the Quilava. It was as if the Quilava’s vibes were arrows shooting through me. Emil flew up to my lap in fear of the Quilava. Emil was more relaxed on my lap. I lifted Emil’s bowl to my lap, and set the bowl on my lap for Emil to finish her meal. Samuel was on the floor next to the table,and was eating the Aspear berries from his bowl. Samuel seemed to be unaffected by the Quilava’s menacing scowls.

    I took a look outside to see the scenery of the town. After I finished my salad, I took out my sketchbook and began to draw the scenery. I first made a quick sketch of what I saw. Next, I began to add in the details like the tiny straws in a woman’s hat to the strands of hair of the golden beard of a middle aged man. I was so preoccupied with drawing that I hardly noticed the Quilava’s scowls.

    "So.....Where're you from?"

    I looked up to see Ethan talking to Orange and me. Ethan spoke,"I'm from Cianwood, in Johto."

    Orange replied,"No way! I'm from Johto too! New Bark Town to be precise. Did you get any badges? I've got two. Bug and Flying have nothing on Rock types! No offense, Jay."

    “None taken,” I replied,” Like you two, I am also from Johto. I am from the city of Cherrygrove. I do not have any badges yet. I mostly traveled around Johto. I was more interested about the biology of Pokemon, and capturing the beautiful scenery of Johto by using my sketchbook.”


    I felt an unusual sensation on myself, and the next thing I saw was the floor and two bowls full of berries. The sensation felt like warm fuzziness. Perhaps the sensation was the sensation of a Pokeball releasing my body to materialize me on the floor. The sensation was quite odd to me as I never had the experience of being in a Pokeball before. I noticed the Quilava I met was scowling at me. I saw Emil flew up to my trainer’s lap; most likely, Emil was terrified of the Quilava. I decided to try to create an alliance with the Quilava to improve my relations to the Quilava in order to help each other from Nalafari. After I had completed my serving of food, I walked to the Quilava confidently with courage.

    I greeted the Quilava,” Greetings Quilava, would you like to form an alliance with me? I understand that you do not trust me and my teammates. However, I wish to form an alliance with you to protect each other from danger. In that way, we would most likely improve our abilities while assisting each other.”

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