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    Originally Posted by CoMM View Post
    Unlike all of you, I am super duper ultimately excited for AC3 and can just NOT, can NOT wait for it. I am a huge Assassin's Creed fan since the first game.

    When I played the first game it was the day Brotherhood came out I heard about this game and saw it 70% off for the first game.

    I played it and later saw it was an amazing addicting game with a rich storyline but the system and graphics at the time were....meh.

    Then when I decided to pick up AC2 it was extremely epic and better than the last and was excited for it by a lot. I love the Desmond story.

    When I picked up AC:Brotherhood it was a complete letdown. It had so many awesome new features but the con is that it's really short. This game could've been better. But what made it not a complete letdown is the new multiplayer feature which I instantly level 50'd it.

    AC:Revelations was also a complete letdown, it's just a few added chapters and all the cool features from Brotherhood were gone. I loved horseback riding . But the multiplayer feature was a great addition too.

    Once AC3 was revealed as usual my respond to a new AC game I kept jumping around like a total fanboy on how awesome and cool it is. I mean they say it's all the animations and graphics and system remade from scratch of 3 years work? Wow. I'm thinking of getting the Vita game too when I have extra cash lying around. But what I'm dissapointed is that this is Desmond's end. And they haven't revealed much Desmond info. Can't wait for this game at the end of the month.

    You and me
    This game is going to be much more Desmond oriented I believe. I just hope the storyline is as long as possible.
    In fact we do know quite a lot about Desmond, especially from Revelations where we find out about his background and the reason behind Abstergo abducting him.

    So now I have a question for everybody about Lucy.
    We all know Minerva forces Desmonds hand in her death. My friend had a theory that Lucy was a Templar posing as an Assassin posing as an Abstergo agent. It would be a good way of earning his trust because obviously he was getting increasingly difficult when in Abstergo custody.
    What do you think?
    Was this her true intention or was she true to the Assassins and Minerva is just a b****?
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