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Here is Dranaxe SU, since editing a 2 week old post and making us search for it instead of just posting it is a real pain.

Originally Posted by danaxe View Post
Name (First, Middle-optional and Last):azur flyalls

Nickname (Optional):azurdly

Age (10-15):14

Sex (Male or Female):male

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm):suicune

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish): Like this but with darker hair and a scar down his right cheek.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): Although having a serious side, azur loves to help people. However he can be too helpful, and that led him to believe he was a failure in life. After he regained his confidence he went on to become an intelligent boy, although he can be a bit boastful at times. He is always optimistic and very friendly. He likes to battle and always rewards his Pokémon after a battle, win or lose.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): azur was born in the jhoto region but quickly migrated to hoenn where he befriended a metang by rescuing it from an abandoned part of machinery, soon after he found metang; he was 10 and was given some pokeballs, so he caught metang. A year later, they emigrated to unova by ferry, where a lone zangoose found its way into one of azur's pokeballs after mistaking azur for a person who saved him from a gang of seviper. Arriving in unova, and shocked by his new Pokémon, he befriended a joltick, who he soon caught. Then his parents split up and he was put into foster care, until he ran away, tracked down his mother and lived with her for a while. Finding out his mother had a criminal record was life changing, he ran away from her, and slept rough at the Castelia harbour. He awoke on a boat to the Pokémon trainer academy.

Pokémon (Maximum of 3. No legendaries, 'shiny' or stage 3 pokémon. Oddly colored but not specifically 'shiny' pokemon are allowed, however.):
Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague):magneto is very happy go lucky but can have a serious side.
lvel: 24

Moves: take down,metal claw, magnet rise and brick break

speicies:zangoose( zangoose has black zigzags down his body)
nickname:evyl blaydes
personality: evyl blaydes loves to fight, but is very caring too and will do anything to protect his master
moves:slash, fury cutter,swords dance,poison jab

species: joltick
personality: elespider is very stubborn, but loves to eat and meet new people
moves:electroweb, screech, bug bite,energy ball

hope it is OK
credit to pokecharms for the 2 epic sprites i have used!

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