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    I'll start then....

    Banette's Curse

    There are a lot of creepypasta that involves an old abandoned cartridge suddenly turning into something like a cursed game. Why? Who'd be behind this? Curiously, I began searching for details. It took me some days, but I finally formed my theories. Here they are:

    1) It is a hacker's doing.
    2) The game itself is cursed.
    3) It could be a Banette's doing.

    1st one could make sense, but why would they do that? They don't earn money. As for the 2nd, it is quite silly of me to think of it, but I believe in witches and stuff. What bothers me the most is The 3rd. It makes a lot of sense. Banettes are abandoned dolls who seek revenge from their owner. However, it's a cartridge, and pokemons are just fictional(or are they?

    I researched further(which I regret) and tried to know the cause of these madness. As I know more, my 3rd theory is starting to make more sense. It could really be a Banette's doing! Believing that, I started searching for old cartridges, and luckily I found an old Pokemon Sapphire, Emerald, and Platinum. Excited, I played Platinum first. No. Broken. I kept it in a junk box. I tried Emerald next. No save file, I clicked New Game. It was normal, I got a Mudkip, and went on my way to Petalburg city. I saved upon arrival and put it on my desk.

    Next is Sapphire. It had a continue option. But it's kinda glitched, no time, no money, and the name is glitched(just a black bar). Jackpot, i said to myself. I clicked continue, and it's a complete glitchfest. The Pokemon Center theme quietly plays as I walk around in what would seem to be Dewford hit by a tornado. I checked my Pokemons, and I was greeted by a weird collection of Pokemon.

    3 Missigno, with the same glitched name as the character. A Yanma named Ou, a Wailmer named Ill, and Dusclops named Ie. What the hell is with the names? I exited. I wanted to get out of this glitch town, so I tried to use surf, and luckily Wailmer has. But when Wailmer appeared, it showed a picture which gave me goosebumps. Glitch. Red and black dots, and then a message appeared. "GO BACK TO YOUR POKEMONS". I checked them, and it was the same. Except for something. I finally noticed it.

    If you take the first letter of all pokemons that are not missigno, and then attach it to their names, it reads: YOU WILL DIE. I tried to turn off my Gameboy, but it doesn't work. I hurried for my screwdriver, opened up the place where the battery is, and took it out. It's still working! Why? I looked back on the screen, and it says "OVER SO SOON?", then a Yes or No appeared. I didn't know what I pressed out of fear, but I must've pressed no and now it says "I SEE. YOU HAD THE BRAVERY AT FIRST AND I HOPE YOU ARE ABLE TO MAINTAIN IT NOW, HEHEHE"

    Finally. It turned off. I took out sapphire and broke it. I threw it in a fire, gathered its ashes and threw again in a river. As soon as I got home, I was greeted by the worst.

    Everything was a mess. Overturned table, bed that seemed to be ripped out by a hungry tiger, broken cabinet with its contents lying about, but I found only 1 thing that is not a mess. Pokemon Emerald. It had a note beside it. "PLAY ME". I tried to steel myself for what I'll see, insert the cartridge in my gameboy sp, and played.....

    The lavender town theme was playing, and my character is slightly glitched(I don't remember him having black dot in the chest), and I'm walking in the dark. I pressed start, and there were only these options:


    The first and last options don't look good, so I checked my pokemon first. All missignos with all of their names glitched. I checked their moves, but it was only Curse. Nothing else. I checked AAAA and it showed my trainer card. Money was 0, play time is glitched, badges are complete but stained with blood. I saw my character. It was horrible. I can hardly describe him in words. His hair was black, his eyes are something like desperate, and his face is almost covered with blood. I exited upon seeing, and a message appeared.


    I felt sick upon seeing that. Nonetheless, I must continue. Another message appeared. "STILL WANT MORE? I CAN END IT ALL QUICKLY, YOU KNOW." And a Yes or No appeared. I selected Yes, fearing my life might end. "VERY CLEVER. YOU ARE THE FIRST TO STOMACH DOWN MY... GAMES." The tune turned into something worse than lavender town's music. I believe it's the beta version playing. Another message appeared. "I TORTURED YOUR POKEMON. NOW THEY HATE YOU." What was that all about? I checked my pokemons, and it's all missigno, but each of them at 1 HP. I tried selecting one, but all it says is "close". I exited, and a message pops up. "LET'S KILL THEM." And i entered a battle.

    It was me VS Banette. I knew it, he finally showed himself. "HAPPY TO SEE ME? I'LL MAKE IT WORTH YOUR TIME." Banette wiped all my pokemons with shadow ball. When my last pokemon fainted, my character appeared. "HAD ENOUGH?" And a Yes or No appeared. I clicked Yes. "I SEE. HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT BANETTE'S CURSE?", and I clicked No. "YOU'LL LEARN IT."

    I began to feel dizzy. My vision was blurring. I tried to look at my gameboy, and it said Banette used Curse! Before I completely lost my consciousness, I saw Banette.

    I woke up, and realized I was unconscious for 2 days. I was in a hospital. No one, except the nurse who just entered, was there. "Sir, someone wanted to give this letter to you." And she handed me a paper that seems to be old. I read it.


    Done, and it's horrible.

    I have my own world XD.