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    I'll start now, so I might update later.

    EDIT: I'm done with Yellow already, it's going to be long, so I'll put it in a spoiler.
    Yellow Bug Monotype
    - I did the beginning stuff, and bought some Pokeballs.
    - Caught Caterpie in Viridian Forest, and raised it to level 10 before continuing.
    - Solo'd every Bug Trainer with Confusion, and was level 13 before fighting Brock.

    After Brock
    Butterfree Lv.13
    - I got through Route 3, caught a Paras in Mt. Moon, trained, and arrived in Cerulean City.
    - Beat Gary and Nugget Bridge, caught Venonat on Route 24, and got the S.S. Anne ticket from bill.
    - Went to Vermilion City and trained on the Routes surrounding it, while beating every trainer.
    - Went back to Cerulean City, and solo'd misty with Parasect.

    After Misty
    Butterfree Lv.25
    Parasect Lv.25
    Venonat Lv.25
    - I went back down to Vermilion City, did the S.S. Anne Stuff, trained some more, then beat Lt. Surge.

    After Lt. Surge
    Butterfree Lv.28
    Parasect Lv.27
    Venonat Lv.28
    - I went through Route 9 and Rock Tunnel, beat every trainer on the way, and made it to Lavender Town.
    - I trained on the Routes east and west of Saffron. After I got to Celadon City, I got the Water and gave it to the guard.
    - I played the slots for a while and eventually got Pinsir and Scyther.
    - I trained them and did the Rocket Hideout, then beat Erika.

    After Erika
    Butterfree Lv.33
    Parasect Lv.33
    Venomoth Lv.32
    Scyther Lv.33
    Pinsir Lv.33
    - I did the Pokemon Tower stuff, and trained a little.
    - I went through the routes south of Lavender Town and got to Fuschia City.
    - I went through Cycle Road and trained a while before challengeing Koga.
    - Trained everyone to level 49 before fighting him.
    - I solo'd Koga with Venomoth, he gave a little bit of trouble, but not much.

    After Koga
    Butterfree Lv.49
    Parasect Lv.49
    Venomoth Lv.50
    Scyther Lv.49
    Pinsir Lv.49
    - I flew back to Saffron City, and did the Silph Co. stuff.
    - I beat the fighting dojo, then trained all my Pokemon to level 53.
    - I beat Sabrina with no trouble, I solo'd her whole gym with Scyther.

    After Sabrina
    Butterfree Lv.53
    Parasect Lv.53
    Venomoth Lv.53
    Scyther Lv.55
    Pinsir Lv.53
    - I flew to Pallet Town, surfed south, and got to Cinnibar Island.
    - I surfed to Seafoam Islands, beat all trainers in my way, and did the same on the Fuschia side.
    - I flew back to Cinnibar, and did the Mansion stuff, trained a while, then beat Blaine, mostly with Pinsir.

    After Blaine
    Butterfree Lv.58
    Parasect Lv.59
    Venomoth Lv.59
    Scyther Lv.58
    Pinsir Lv.60
    - I flew back to Viridian City and beat Giovanni, I solo'd with Venomoth's Mega Drain and Psychic.

    After Giovanni
    Butterfree Lv.58
    Parasect Lv.59
    Venomoth Lv.62
    Scyther Lv.58
    Pinsir Lv.60
    - I got through the badge gates and Victory Road, and trained until my whole team was around 69-72.
    - I had no trouble at all against them, it was actually very easy, Scyther's Slash was really helpful.

    After Final Gary Battle
    Butterfree Lv.70
    Parasect Lv.69
    Venomoth Lv.71
    Scyther Lv.72
    Pinsir Lv.70

    Next up is Crystal.