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Originally Posted by johnny18 View Post
For the Keldeo, I do not think I will take it atm since I need time for white 2.
For Genesect, if you want it, I can restart the game and get you another one for free but you will have to wait for me for a while since I need to catch some legendaries before I restart it. Is it okay with you?
Yeah, sounds cool!
Thanks a lot!!

Also, I'm interested in this one, I don't know what is meaned with 'invisiible', but I would like to get a level 100 Swampert, what do you want for it?

#260: Invisible (Swampert) ♂ l l Level: 100
OT: Solares ♂ l Soul Silver l OT: 01020
Nature: Adamant l Ability: Torrent
IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EV: 172 HP/252 Att/86 Spd
Moves: Stone Edge - Aqua Tail - Ice Punch - Earthquake
Availability: 4th/5th Gen

FriendCode: 3139-3194-4225
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