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I was a huge fan of chaining. My highest chain is 126 with Ponyta. Although I know I'm not the best since some people reached 200+, I am satisfied with my chaining skills.

I followed the "4th ring" method, or whatever it's called. There's some awesome videos on Youtube demonstrating this method. I also looked at Smogon's guide.

My shiny haul was like... -turns on Pearl- 1 Corsola, 3 Absol, 1 Voltorb (done while in the car lol), 7 Ponyta (I wasn't paying attention and killed one), 2 Nidoran Male, 4 Banette, 1 Skitty, 1 Shinx, 1 Buneary, 3 Buizel, 3 Ariados, and 6 Venomoth.

The best chained Pokemon I've caught was Shiny Rapidash and Shiny Venomoth. I EV trained the best one and used them on PBR before.
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