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Come on. Let's go inside. Be ready for anything." Zane told the Gold Tribe. The cryptic doors opened. So...This is the Golden Catacombs. I'm surprised that I didn't see these during my time here. Suddenly, memories flooded into his mind. A Scizor was wandering around a rocky valley with his guard up. He was alone, just taking his time and whispering a song. After a good amount of time, he stopped. Something echoed off in the distance. The Swift, a few years younger than usual, jumped onto a nearby rock. "Come at me fiend!" Seconds later, a group of rouge Sandslash's leapt out and slashed at him in quick moves. Jirmonji had a difficult time, but he eventually defeated them. "You have been forgiven." He killed them. Now that he thought of it, that ambush hadn't occured very far from here.

The Swift reattached his golden heart. Something didn't seem right, but who was he to argue with the Bisharp? "I don't like this. It smells of death." He glanced around. "I'll take point, if nobody objects." Jirmonji used Quick Attack to get as far in as possible in a short amount of time. He looked both left and right, only to see great stone walls. "We're clear everybody!"