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    Nika Valentine - Oak Town

    Nika continued to walk, pacing out the Pineco puzzle. How to get a young pokemon to not blow itself up at the slightest provocation? The question was so unusual that no answer presented itself as obvious, which left only one real course of action. Seek outside knowledge, by book or through a teacher. With that in mind she changed her direction to head back towards the Academy, startled out of her reverie as she walked by the beeping of her X-Transceiver.

    Holding the wirst-mounted device up so she could get a look at it she saw she had an incoming video call... from her mother. Her heart sank. Did this mean her mother was here for the holidays? She wasn't ready! It had become her personal goal to defeat her mother in a pokemon battle using only bug types... but she just hadn't had enough time yet. Even putting strength aside, Pineco kept blowing himself up and Sage didn't like her orders half the time.

    Steeling herself Nika tapped the Accept prompt and suddenly, there on the screen, was her mother. Her mother smiled, obviously falsely, when she saw her.

    "Hi honey!"
    "Hello Mother." Nika responded. She hated these false pleasantries.
    "How are you? Are you having a good time at the Academy? Is everything okay?"
    Questions without a chance to answer. Typical. "I'm well, thank you. I'm thoroughly enjoying my time here so far. Everything is fine. How are you?"
    "Oh, you know... busy. I'm in the last day of a tournament right now, so that's why I couldn't make it to the island to see you."
    "I really wasn't expecting you to come. I know how busy you are, and how much you disagree with me as a trainer."
    "Nika... please, I just wanted to speak, not argue."
    "About what? You've barely spoken to me since I left home, and when you do it's only because dad pushes you."
    "Nika that is not true." Here it came. "I respect your dedication in the face of... well, the handicap you've given yourself, but-"
    "It is not a handicap Mother."
    "I know you don't see it that way, you're so like your father, but if you would just listen the-"
    "I've listened, and had, this argument with you before. Was there something you wanted other than to berate me?"
    The anger, the frustration, the hurt... it was all clear on her mothers face. "...I just wanted to apologise for not being there today, but that I'll be there in two days. I miss you."
    "...You don't have to do that."
    "I know, but... look, I have to go, my battle is up next. I love you."
    "Good luck."

    Nika ended the call abruptly and let out a shuddering breath. Her mother sent her wild, beyond the point of reason, and now she was on her way? She hadn't seen her mother in so long...

    ...two days. That was all she had to reach a point where she could defeat her mother. As much as she could achieve training by herself it was no substitute for working with another trainer, which meant counting on someone. Today just wasn't her day.

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