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    Tyler Mandival - Attempt At Catching A Mysterious Pokemon...

    Both Tyler and the youngster threw their Pokeballs at the mysterious bubble-thrower that hid behind the bushes. But it wasn't until both Pokeballs went over the bushes that the real oddness began. Both Pokeballs sealed a Pokemon inside of their round insides, with both of them rocking in the ground before emiting a click in sign of two succesful catches.

    Tyler caught a Surskit!

    The youngster caught a Slakoth!

    "Cool! Let's see what I just caught!" The youngster yelled in excitement as he took and threw the Pokeball containing his new Pokemon. After a lazy-looking Pokemon materialized, the youngster raised his arms and yelled "Bet you're a killing machine, my Pokemon! Give us your best shot, Trainer!" He then awaited for Tyler's reaction.
    Sara Lain - Attempt at Catching a Slakoth

    With haste, Sara did her next attempt to catch the little intruder known as Slakoth, sealing it inside of the red and silver capsule, where it wouldn't eat Orrie's berries anymore. Unfortunately, Slakoth made his way out of this Pokeball, and then quickly returned to the depths of the woods.

    Nincada, however, didn't had with the same kind of luck. It was sealed and succesfully catched without noticing, as it was deeply asleep. One thing is sure. It will not know how he was even caught...

    Sara Caught a Nincada!
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