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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    I'm venturing a yes here. After all, in Gold and Silver there was a 4% chance to find it during the morning (0% in Crystal) and a 35% chance of finding it during the nighttime hours (30% in Crystal).

    I am speaking of the original Gen. II games of course, but they are nonetheless the source for wild Pokémon data. As for how that was translated to the game, I'll let a designer answer that. But yes, if you're hunting during the day, you're not likely to find it. Try at night if there is night in the hack.

    Okay thanks for the information. I didn't remember Wooper was so rare in GSC. In fact, I remember that I randomly caught one in my very first Gold game -- that's probably why I assumed it was common --, not knowing what it would evolve in or anything, and it became my strongest Pkmn. I don't recall ever having to look that much for it, though, I must have been lucky.
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